Mapping. Hiking. Writing. Gathering. Dyeing. Weaving. This project explored the historic mining impacts on the rivers in the upper Rio Grande watershed through artist-citizen science water quality monitoring, botanical dyeing, and textiles weaving.

I explored several areas in northern New Mexico, collecting waters for a variety of sites: The Embudo River in Dixon, downstream of the Harding Mine (pegmatite); Cieneguilla Creek near Eagle Nest (impaired for aquatic life use due to dissolved aluminum); Red River below the Questa Mine (molybdenum); Pecos River below the Tererro Mine (gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc). With cliff rose gathered in the La Tierra area near Santa Fe and cochineal imported from Mexico, I used these waters to botanically dye local churro wool and weave in disrupted overshot pattern a map of rivers, a travelogue written in the language of water.

Project completed while in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute.